About Us

Puros RochaWe are producers of high quality hand rolled cigars imported from the Dominican Republic.

The cigars are made from a unique premium blend of the finniest filler, binders and wrapper tobacco in the world. Each cigar is elaborated by experienced master cigar rollers, forging the essence of this centuries old tradition that is appreciated the most demanding cigar connoisseur while at the same time offering a new edge that’s inviting to the average consumer.

Mission Statement:

Produce a cigar, based on the need to supply a high quality product in an attempt to satisfy the most demanding cigar connoisseur while at the same time appealing to the broader average consumer of cigar products.

Company Goals and Objectives:

To achieve success by creating a company that is both financially sound and has a loyal consumer base. We can first do this by focusing on creating quality products based on our experience and consumer feedback, also by constantly improving efficiencies in our manufacturing processes.

Business Philosophy:

Our main philosophy is to convey to our consumers a sense of pleasure in life through our products.

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